Whole wheat pasta with a side of superfood

I spent Saturday morning watching a few Food Network shows. As I was folding laundry, Rachel Ray 30 Minute Meals came on. I like Rachel, and her talk show is okay. Most of her 30 minute recipes are a prank in my opinion: unless you are super woman who can fly around to find all her crazy ingredients from 18 different grocery stores, and you love ground beef, and you can cook like a speed demon. Sorry Rachel. That’s just my opinion.

But Rachel impressed me with this vegetarian meal. Loaded with fiber, protein, and nutrients. I did skip the tomato crostini because it seemed like too many carbs. I just added the roasted tomatoes to the whole wheat pasta as a garnish with the kale. Of course, I could not find the Tuscan kale she mentioned. I just used the curly leaf kind from Publix. Overall, it was a great meal.

Curly kale

**And her tip about quick roasting the tomatoes under the broiler is genius. Roasting tomatoes brings out the sugars which improves the flavor, especially since tomatoes are not in season right now.  Here is the recipe: Tuscan Pesto-Dressed Penne with Crispy Kale

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