Cookbook Giveaway!!!

In celebration of my first month of blogging, I am giving away two of the Pioneer Woman books, your choice. Winner will be picked on Friday March, 9th, after 5. There are three ways to enter:

#1 Vote in the poll below and leave a comment that you did.

#2 Comment on any of my previous blog posts.

#3 Share my blog on your facebook page or twitter and leave a comment below that you did. (Hint: you can do this everyday this week for extra chances to win).

45 thoughts on “Cookbook Giveaway!!!

  1. I just voted in your poll. By the way, I’ve been meaning to tell you that the picture of you stirring the big pot, is classic Rene’. You love what you are doing based on your super sparkly smile. It’s a great picture.

  2. Shared your blog website on my facebook:-)! I love reading your new finds and deals and meal ideas!

  3. I voted. :) Great giveaway! Bought PW’s first cookbook for my mom last Christmas, but I would love to own my own copy!

  4. There should’ve been an “all of the above” option for the cooking poll. ;) I voted with the majority though.

  5. Your mommy voted. Can relatives participate? I’ve bought 2 of Ree’s cookbooks for gifts, but not one for me. Heh! Didn’t I buy yours for your birthday? Nancee has one. Holly has one. Annie has one. Rene’ has one. Mom doesn’t have one! :)

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