Bi-Polar Chihuahua

I adopted an 8 lb 8-year-old Chihuahua named Poppi from the Greenville Humane Society in Dec 2010. He had been abused, was a little rough around the edges; but was very affectionate. I needed something to smother with attention other than my boyfriend Joe because let’s face it. Men only like to be smothered with attention for so long. They need space. The good thing about Chihuahuas is that they need NO personal space. Sometimes I wish my dog wanted a little space. Regardless, I love him and all his quirks.

Reasons I love him:

#1 When he eats, he grunts like a pig

#2 When he gets excited, he grunts like a pig

#3 Sometimes I think he is a pig

#4 He sits like a gopher

#5 He sun bathes and cleans his face like a cat

#6 He is a food snob and prefers homemade chicken stock to the kind out of a box

#7 He hates men except for Joe

#8 He runs in circles when it’s bedtime because he loves it so much

#9 He snores so loud it’s frightening

#10 He is bi-polar…. pig/chihuahua/cat/gopher personality

#11 He thinks he is my sole protector and takes his job VERY seriously

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