For the love of steak

I have a confession. I have never eaten an Asian noodle dish before. They always looked gross to me as a child, and I have never gotten around to trying them because I love rice so much I figured one addictive oriental carb is enough.

But I was doing some recipe browsing this weekend and came across this recipe, Beef Noodle Salad Bowls. It was not lo mein but sorta similar. And because of my love for salads and medium rare beef, I just have to give it a try.



I loved this recipe for two reasons:

#1 It’s a flavor party in my mouth. It just screamed (in a nice way) cool fresh spring nourishment.

#2 In preparation for tonight’s dinner, I made the entire dish in 20 minutes last night before I went to bed . After tasting it, I did a little dance in my semi-ghetto apartment kitchen. It was that good. I will add some spicy broccoli as a side, and dinner will be complete!

 Common sense note: Some of these sauce ingredients may seem strange and/or expensive but believe it or not I had all of them in my frig already. The reason being is that I stir fry and prepare other Asian dishes from scratch frequently. It’s much cheaper than buying mixes or takeout and DEFINITELY lower in sodium! You would be shocked at the amount of sodium in the prepackaged stuff. YIKES! I have found that bottles of spicy oils, soy sauce, etc. last a LONG time because you need so little for each recipe. And I have discovered other ways to use them too, especially the chili and sesame oils. And the great thing about this recipe is that any pasta or noodles will work. I just used plain ol’ whole wheat spaghetti for this recipe. Worked like a charm. Because I had the sauces already, this whole impressive looking “gourmet” meal cost me less than $10 and it serves 4 people!

photo by Ree Drummond

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