Edifying Bowls and Pillows

Sometimes I feel like I am a home accessories snob because I am so picky about what purchases I make. I love the unusual or antique. It would be my dream job to be a buyer for specialty home decor and/or gifts shops. If I could find a job that meant I spent everyday on the road in flea markets and antique stores that would just be great.

I am always looking for a great decor find but because I do work in an office from 8-6 during the week getting out to find those great things can be challenging. So sometimes I have to make do with what I can find on the web. I came across this new line at DaySpring that really has some cute stuff. Granted, this usually is not my type of aesthetic but I could not help it. Two of my favorites are this dough bowl and pillow.

Check out DaySpring’s new line called Redeemed.


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