Fiesta and a Cookbook!

I have previously mentioned that I am a rice snob  (As well as a snob in many other ways, unfortunately; I am working on this character flaw). This also applies to Mexican rice which I also love. I have never found a recipe that I was completely pleased with until I came across this recipe, Mexican Rice II from I just use a can of mild Rotel instead of the can of diced tomatoes that is mentioned in the recipe. Pair it with this salsa recipe , chips and tacos or quesadillas. Fiesta!

Common sense note #1: I love I do have to be careful because there are some really strange recipes posted. Just use good judgement. If the ingredients do not sound appetizing, don’t be surprised if the final product does not turn out. Like this recipe, Three Animal Meatballs. The name alone should have warned me that this may not be a very good recipe. The meatballs were okay but the ingredient proportions were all wrong in my opinion.

With that said, I highly recommend the cookbook. Disclaimer: if you are a true from-scratch foodie you may not find this cookbook to your liking. But it’s great for easy everyday recipes, especially the quick bread recipes.

Common sense note #2: Isn’t it amazing all the things you can do with a can Rotel? I add it to chili, to ground beef for tacos, to homemade salsa, to artichoke dip for a spicy zest, and to soups that need a little kick. I have also used the cans as hand weights when doing aerobics. Please don’t tell anyone.

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