Furniture Find this Weekend!

So I have been looking high and low for a nice inexpensive sofa to replace my bamboo sofa in my living room. I love the bamboo sofa; it’s just not made for big tall men to sit on. Anyway among the other crazy list of things I had to get done this weekend (I hosted a surprise birthday party for 70 people on Saturday afternoon), I found a sofa on Craigslist and had it delivered. I called the person selling it at 2pm and by 4pm it was in my living room! I love it. It’s the Emory Sofa made by Room and Board, an American company based out of North Carolina. I love that it was made in the USA. It’s the perfect shade of olive-green velvet! So swanky! Not a thing wrong with it. And for $75, originally $1500!

Anyway, it just made my weekend that much better. Details and photos from the party to come…

I apologize that this photo is horrible and for the all the party mess in the back ground.

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