Exercising and Soft Pretzels

So Tuesday evening after work I trekked out to my parents’ home (it’s about 40 minutes from my office) to hang out with my sisters and my niece. My sister and my niece from West Virginia are in town for two weeks. We are really enjoying their visit. Anyway, I brought my workout clothes (and my Chihuahua, Poppi) with me in hopes that we could exercise while we hung out. Multi-tasking, people! It’s what my life is all about:).

Both my sisters liked the idea of getting a little workout. So while Annie and I were waiting on the slow sister (who will go unnamed) to go change her clothes, Annie said, “We should make soft pretzels.” She and I quickly whipped up a batch of dough to let rise while we walked.  After the dough was finished, we headed out for a long walk (uphill both ways, seriously!) on my parent’s driveway which is a little over 2 miles long ’round trip: Bailee in the stroller and Poppi followed behind. We walked and talked and talked and walked for about 45 minutes. Taking turns pushing the stroller and carrying Poppi (because at one point I thought he was going to have a doggie stroke from so much exercise).

When we got back to the house, the kitchen smelled of glorious soft pretzel dough. We quickly rolled out the dough, cut out the pretzels and baked them. Then we devoured about half of them. Then we realized that we had just negated our previous workout.

Common sense note: Soft pretzels and exercise don’t mix. Unless, of course, the situation calls for it. A situation like a sister get-together.

Here is the mix we used. Of course you can make them from scratch but we were fixing to exercise so we thought we would be lazy and use a mix for the pretzels. When it came time to roll out and shape the dough, we opted for “pretzel bites” and just cut them in 1 1/2 in oblong shapes, and cut the baking time in half. When the “bites’ were finished baking we topped them with sea salt, cinnamon and sugar and just a little butter to further negate our workout. Bobby Flay’s recipe and Alton Brown’s recipe both look great if you want to make them from scratch but we love this mix. You can find it around the web and at specialty food stores. I think I purchased this mix at Williams-Sonoma a few months ago. Happy Thursday!

Dutch Country Soft Pretzel Mix, $3.95,

2 thoughts on “Exercising and Soft Pretzels

  1. well I will vouch that they walked……:) didn’t know about the pretzels in the neighbors oven :)

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