Fun Purse Find Over the Weekend

I used to have a bad habit of buying a lot of purses. Part of the reason I bought so many was because I didn’t really care about the quality. The cuteness factor was really the only thing that mattered to me. I am so glad I have gotten over that stage of life and am no longer shallow or vain about my looks (insert sarcastic tone).

Then came the day when I bought my first vintage designer 100% leather bag with real brass accents. My life changed. I no longer cared how cute the purse was or how many pockets it had. Or how inexpensive it was. Or how well it matched a specific outfit I owned. I only wanted good leather bags. A bag that was classic, yet still chic. In some cases, the plainer the better. One that I didn’t have to “match” to every outfit.

I discovered a new thing about myself. Who knew purses were doors to the soul? Anyway, I found that I was much more organized and “of sound mind” when I kept everything organized in one bag. The only exception to this rule is when I take a big shopping trip or go out of town. I usually downsize to a small cross body bag so I don’t cause myself back injuy lugging a heavy bag. The other option being a fannie pack which my family all wore (with the exception of my dad) on our trip to Disney World 20 years ago. I have pictures to prove it. I try to tell myself fannie packs were at the height of fashion at the time. Bless my mom’s heart for trying to keep all five of us kids organized while on vacation.

I now buy a new leather bag once, or twice a year. And the crazy thing is that sometimes I end up re-selling them for what I paid for the bag originally.

I nabbed this deal over the weekend. Vintage(1980 or so) Dooney and Bourke Leather Crossbody bag for $22. I could not believe it because I had been hunting for a vintage black leather bag for a while but could not find a whole lot for under $100.

Common sense note: I am just glad that I no longer get in line at the grocery store and then realize that my wallet is in another purse. Or leave my apartment, locking the door on the way out, and then realized I put my house keys in another bag. Anything to simplify life helps keep me sane. And being sane is the mindset that I strive for:)

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