Semi-Homemade Drapes

Please don’t confuse this post with Semi-Homemade with Sandra Lee. I recently read an article about her in Vogue. Did you know she dates the Attorney General of New York? Go, Sandra!  Anyway, this post has nothing to do with Sandra Lee or food, just drapes. Sorry if you were hungry.

I do a little bit of decorating for people in addition to my regular job. That said, I really appreciate well made curtains and upholstery. But when I moved into my apartment I didn’t want to invest in custom drapes because I had hoped I would not live there long. That was almost two years ago. Thankfully the stand-in drapes I came up with have worked out great and cost me very little. (My mother did make me a roman shade and cafe curtains for my dining room and bathroom which I still love! Thanks, Mom.)

Common Sense note: When I do buy ready-made curtains for my clients because of budget limits I have two favorite companies. Believe it or not, Pottery Barn and JC Penney always come through for me. I have them professionally pressed and no one knows that they aren’t custom-made.

Anyway, for my own home I started with the Linden Street Thermal Twill Drape from JC Penney in ivory knowing  I wanted to embellish the plain curtains. Thankfully, on a shopping trip to Charlotte, NC I had picked up a bunch of this tape trim at Calico Corners.  In an afternoon, I quickly added it to the top edge of the curtains right below the rod. The trim added just enough interest to make the curtains look finished. I won’t win any awards for decorating achievement with these curtains but they look great considering how little they cost.

Linden Street Thermal Drape, JC Penney
Greek Key Tape Trim, Calico Corners, $15 yd.
Easy, Semi-Homemade Curtains

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