A casual college graduation party

My mom grew these roses that my brother and his girlfriend made into centerpieces.
Egg Roll dipping sauces
Lots of food

Grandpa insisted we must have a cookie with writing on it to memorialize this event:)

The Graduates
The graduates

My baby sister and her fiancee both graduated with honors in accounting degrees on Friday. In the past, my parents have welcomed LOTS of guests to their childrens’ college graduation parties (they have 7 children), but this year we have wedding preparations going on as well as other things so my mom decided to keep it simple.

Family only.

And just the immediate family. It was such a nice dinner.  I was about to type “nice quiet dinner” but you see, that would be a lie. Our dinners are never quiet. Too much laughing, teasing and general humor (some intended humor and some unintended humor) are going on that you could never call our family dinners quiet but regardless it was fun. Here is the simple dinner we had:

Honey Sesame Chicken (in the slow cooker)- this was the perfect recipe because it cooked while everyone attended the graduation ceremony

Sticky Rice – made ahead of time

Simple green salad

Ready-made veggie egg rolls with lots of dipping sauces- we oven fried the rolls on cookie cooling racks so that the rolls were very crispy on all sides. Yum.

Ice Cream Cake– this recipe it totally adaptable. And it’s so simple I am almost embarrassed to share it but we use different kinds of cookies for the crust and sometimes layer different types of ice cream. It’s always a hit. And can be made well in advance.

Now if we can just get Nancee Lee and Jordan married in August….

Engaged October, 2011

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