Wedding Planning- Part 1

We are in week #3 of our engagement.

So far Joe and I have gotten a lot done wedding wise.

Wedding Budget- √

Guest List-√

Dress- √

Cake- ?

Caterer- √ (still working on a menu)

Location- √

Save the Dates- √ (not in the  mail yet, but almost)

Engagement Pictures- ?


Reception Rentals-?

Bridesmaid Dresses- √

Hair and make up appointments-√


Premarital counseling set up-√




Groomsmen attire-?

One thing I am really struggling with is music for the ceremony and reception. I just can’t seem to settle on the genre I want to use. Most of my planning inspiration moments have happened in the AM hours so I am hoping for an early morning eye-opening experience soon:)

My goal is to not ask favors of anyone on this wedding. I would like friends to just come and enjoy the day!

This is Joe’s “wedding project” which he promised me will be finished before we are married. Bamboo hardwood floors. Crossing my fingers…..but I will not nag….I will not nag. I repeat this to myself daily:) Just being transparent.

Carpet is coming up! YAY!

Happy Monday!

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