Painting Project Part 1- picking my battles and paint colors….and Dolly Parton

My fiance Joe is going out-of-town for a work trip next week. He will be gone a whole week which lead me to think….what a great time to paint the walls at his house before we get married.

His house is a blank canvas. Every wall and ceiling is white. Bright white.

I don’t mind white but the white is looking tired.

It needs a face lift.

Note: I did not say I needed a face lift (yet).

After I get off work each evening I can paint in peace, and he does not have to be annoyed with my painting techniques (or lack of technique).


When he gets home it will be all done (in theory).

Common sense note: Joe and I have worked together for almost five years at our 9 to 5 job (now I have a Dolly Parton song in my head). At this point in our relationship, I am not wearing any rose colored glasses when it comes to working together. I like to get things done quick, and he likes to contemplate them for weeks or even months (or years) before he starts on a project. Then he completes the project with perfection.  He is always amazed with my speed and I am always annoyed at his lack of urgency. There are pros and cons to both ways that we work, but we both know to live in harmony we need to give eachother space when working on home projects.:)

My to-do list:

Guest Bedroom-Monday night

Guest Bath- Tuesday night

Sun Room-Wednesday night

Boy Room #1-Thursday night

Touch ups- Friday night

My paint color selection has been evolving over several months.

But the evolution will need to stop soon because I need to get all the paint mixed this weekend.

Here is my plan (I love to plan): I am going to group the rooms by paint color so I don’t have to rinse out my brushes and rollers repeatedly.

Guest Bathroom- I have a grey and white wide stripe shower curtain that I think I will use.

You can read about my West Elm shower curtain deal here.

And I have 4 pieces of map art that I picked up at the Greenville, SC Indie Craft Parade last year that I will hang on the walls.

Smoky Mountain Trees – Archival Print , $15 Off the Map

I like the idea of using a green/blue paint color, something like Glidden Blue Cloud. To make it easy I may carry this color into the sunroom.

Glidden Blue Cloud

Guest Bedroom-

You can read about my inspiration for this room here.

Since I blogged about the guest room I was putting together I have found several things to add to it.

I am excited about how it’s going to turn out. Can’t wait. Well I can wait because I have too. Just to be clear:)

I am going with a medium navy color. The same color used in this office redo by The Inspired Room. Love the color and how the natural light looks. And the guest room I am painting gets lots of natural light thankfully.

Glidden Rich Navy
Photo by

I have lots of work to do between now and Monday night but I am looking forward to having a week of decorating bliss.

Or at least the start of decorating bliss.

My favorite hobby…..except for cooking, shopping, hanging out with my sisters.

Okay, one of my favorite hobbies.

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