Painting Project Part 2- A woman’s prerogative and color inspiration

You can read about my original plan and why I want to get the whole project done this week here.

I got a good start on the painting on Monday night but of course, I changed my mind six times as to my work plan and colors.

The funny thing was Joe wanted nothing to do with picking the colors.

He said, “If I don’t like them, I will just learn to live with them.”

But let me tell you how sweet he was….He went with me to get all the paint on Saturday before he left on his trip. Bought a special ladder that he didn’t think I would fall off off and an ergonomic paint brush for my small chubby hands because he said he didn’t want my hands to get tired.

 After we got back from buying the paint I noticed that I had subconsciously picked the colors from one of my favorite rugs.

Funny how things work out.

I took this picture, turned on the ceiling fan and then went to bed.

Here is the first room complete (and still drying in this picture). Cut-in and rolled twice. 4 1/2 hours after work on Monday night. Done. Yay!

This guest room will loosely be based on this inspiration board I started a few months ago.

On to the next room!

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