New Shoes and a Baby Exerciser

I bought some new shoes yesterday for my niece Bailee and immediately she wanted to try them out.

This is the story she told me.

I am looking at my shoes and not watching where I am going.
Thought I would try running in them to see how they held up.
I decided they work great and I love my aunt so much for buying them for me.
I spot a dog. I just need to sneak by the trailer to get to him.
I have him in my sites….
Maybe this was not such a good idea.
I need to take a rest.
And I am off again. Gotta catch him.
Hi, Aunt Nancee Lee. I am trying to catch Poppi in my new shoes.
I am so close!
Slow and steady wins the race.
Please stop trying to get away from me. I just wanna pet you.
Oops, I tripped a little.
There is something in the grass I need to look at real quick.
I gotcha.
Poppi, I am getting tired. Can we stop playing this game?
Ooo. Flowers!
And I made it back to the front walk. Sorta seems like I have been going in circles. I must have my mother’s sense of direction.

I may start hiring out my chihuahua as a baby exerciser to make a little extra money on the side.

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