Wedding Planning- Part 2

Drumroll, please. We are in week #6 of our engagement. You can read my engagement story here.

I have made headway on a lot of projects. I have one more week to work on things and then I will put my wedding on hold in order to help with my sister’s wedding on August 4th.

Of course I have only been engaged a few weeks but I am starting to understand why brides I have worked with in the past have such a hard time planning their weddings.

My philosophy so far has been: Make a decision and then move on. No changing of my mind or doubting myself. It’s just a wedding. No dumb wedding detail gone awry will ruin my marriage. :) Unless of course, I am so tired when I show up for the wedding that I marry the wrong person by mistake. A mistake like that might ruin my marriage. I will need to warn my bridesmaid to check me for delirium before the ceremony.

I have found a lot of free resources with wedding help that I will be sharing soon.


Wedding Budget- √

Guest List-√

Wedding Dress- √

Cake- appointment made

Caterer- √ (still working on a menu)

Location- √

Save the Dates- √ mailed

Engagement Pictures- scheduled

Invitations- Ordered

Reception Rentals- Reservations made and deposit paid

Bridesmaid Dresses- √

Hair and make up appointments-√


Premarital counseling set up-√

Musicians- √ scheduled and paid for



Groomsmen attire-? still looking

Programs-√ But not finalized yet

Flower Girl Dress- √

Wedding Coordinator- √

Phew I am tired. We are headed to pick out hardwood floors this weekend from this post. Yay!

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