Retail Therapy for a Friday- West Elm and Home Depot

I have been collecting some items to finish the guest bathroom that I recently painted at my fiance’s home. A mirror, frames for some art, shower curtain, towels etc. It’s slowly coming together. Yesterday(ok it was Thursday Retail Therapy but work with me) I scored a mirror at Marshalls that will be perfect….I think.

The funny thing about this project is I had no plan when I started. No color theme, period. I just started picking up items I like and surprise! They all work great together. I love when my instincts work for me!

Guest Bath, fresh paint
West Elm shower curtain, $39

See this post for my great deal on this West Elm shower curtain.

Smoky Mountain Trees – Archival Print , $15 Off the Map Art
Pottery Barn Outlet, Cotton Rug, $9
Marshalls, Large painted mirror with architectural details, $49.99

The next items we need to purchase are a pedestal vanity and tile but I will probably have to wait a while for those. I can dream in the meantime.

Foremost Series 1930 Lavatory and Pedestal Combo in White $198.

Love the vintage feel of this unit from And love the price!

After I found the mirror I killed a little more time just walking around the store. ie I didn’t want to go back to work.

I spotted these beauties! Gosh, if I had some extra cash lying around these chairs would have gone home with me. Love the Danish modern lines and the rush seats. Swoon!

Danish Modern Dining Chairs, $129 each

And last but not least I spotted this bad boy. You would have to really love cats to have this thing reside in your house but for $29.99 you can be the proud owner of a faux fur cat ?stand? (insert sarcastic tone)

Happy Friday!

This post was featured on West Elm’s Front and Main blog.

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