A Review: Tomato Canning Class at Williams-Sonoma and a Giveaway! – Winner Announced!

Williams-Sonoma: Free Technique Classes: DIY Canning – Tomato Sauce & Salsa

Joy W. is the winner. Thanks random.org! And thanks for everybody for participating! It was fun.

Joy, please send me an email to renep22@yahoo.com with your shipping information.

Overall, the class was informative. I wish the presentation had been set up a little differently because a few times it was difficult to keep up with what step the demonstrator was on. She did go over the very basic steps of canning so if you have never canned, it would be a very helpful class to attend.

Unfortunately, these two kids blocked my view for most of the class. I don’t know which is more sad. The fact that I could not see what was going on, or the fact that I am short enough that two children could block my view.

To sum it up, I will go to more of these classes in the future. And would recommend them to others. Don’t plan on being wowed with the presentation, but the skills they are demonstrating are valuable if you are working towards being a better cook or just need a refresher course.

Disclaimer: I took quite a few food demo and presentation classes in high school and college. I knew I was probably going to be super critical of the presentation, but the demonstrator did well with the small area she had to work with.

Drumroll, please!
To celebrate writing 100 posts this week I am giving away a $50 gift card to Williams-Somona!

Two ways to enter:

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You can enter once a day.

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Winner announced on Thursday evening.

Did you know that Williams-Sonoma, Pottery Barn and West Elm gift cards are interchangeable? You can use them at any of the locations. Fun fact for the day:)

31 thoughts on “A Review: Tomato Canning Class at Williams-Sonoma and a Giveaway! – Winner Announced!

  1. Shared the post on my Facebook page :-) , I think I am already signed up for the emails :-) ,i enjoy reading your blog and getting good food ideas, and how to do it with a good budget!

  2. Shared on Facebook!! About to share on Twitter!!! Love the new look, btw. Meant to tell you that earlier.

  3. Hey there. I shared this on facebook. So now can you send me a gift card? Lol. Love reading about your life. Still can’t wait to meet you. Love you.

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