Retail Therapy for Friday- Old Time Pottery

I stopped into my local  Old Time Pottery in Greenville, SC this week for a random item I need for my wedding. (You can read my engagement story here.)

Disclaimer: I don’t frequent Old Time Pottery very often because they usually don’t carry the sort of items I am looking for.

Items such as this lovely thing.

A light-up martini glass yard decoration.

Lovely but not my cup of tea (or glass of martini, sometimes I crack myself up), thank you.

As I was looking around I spotted some things for sale

that had some great potential.

This needs to be a nightstand between two twin beds in a boys bedroom.
Would be great as a entryway piece for mail and such with hanging hooks above for even more organization.
The metal basket drawers even had places for labels. Cute.
Love these seats. Would look great with a wax finish or milk paint.
Tractor seat barstools. Love the whimsy.
This needs to be on my bookshelf. Whooooo will buy it for me?
This random person kept getting in my pictures. But these mirrors in different shapes have potential.
Unfinished mirror with beadboard detail. I can see this painted white in a bathroom. So cute. Huge and only $59.
These were very heavy duty and cheap! Great evening wedding decorations!

And where else can you stock up on Christmas decorations and flamingos in the same place?

6 thoughts on “Retail Therapy for Friday- Old Time Pottery

  1. Haha. You crack me up! I think you have been hanging around my family for too long. That was a pretty corny joke ;)

  2. Great post! I loved the entryway table and the tractor stools a lot!! Do you happen to remember how much the entryway table with metal baskets was?

    1. Maybe $250. I don’t remember exactly but when I was there this weekend they had quite a few things on sale. Worth checking out at least.

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