Retail Therapy for a Friday- gift giving under $20

I love giving gifts.

More than getting gifts.

I am getting married and….

I get more excited about giving hostess’ gifts at the wedding showers that are being given in my honor than the gifts I will receive at the shower.

I am weird.

I know.

I have been told.

Anyway I have been having fun finding little treats to use as favors and gifts for the special people in my life that are helping me out during this busy time.

These gifts are meant to be fun. Not practical. Cuz sometimes being practical is…just…well…too practical.

Here we go.

West Elm, Owl Butter Dish, $6.00 and free shipping
Crate and Barrel, Pixie Candleholders, $7.95
Cupcake Tea Towel, $19.99,
Vintage Brass Bar Bangle, $20,
Make-up Storage, L16
Bird and Blossom Vase, $19.99,
Shoe Gazing Notecard set, $14.99,
Chalk Board Coasters, $14.99,

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