Retail Therapy- my new favorite dress

Once or twice a year I usually stock up on some simple dresses from Old Navy. Yes, Old Navy.

I like that their dresses can be dressed up or down. Add a few cute accessories and I am good to go.

I also love that they offer maxi dresses in petite if you order them online.

A few weeks ago I spotted this dress. Women’s Jersey Tie-Belt Maxi Dresses

I ordered it in two colors and hoped for the best.

Ladies and ladies, I love this dress.

The drape is great.

The length is perfect.

The colors are neutral.

It can be casual

It can be formal.

I can’t wait to wear it with boots this fall.

And I am wearing it now with sandals and summer belts.

And it is under $30 if you use a coupon code.

People, you can’t beat that price!

If you are looking for a new (and modest) option for this fall, this dress is where it’s at.

Could you do me a favor and leave a comment if this review was helpful?

Your email address is kept private. Don’t worry.

19 thoughts on “Retail Therapy- my new favorite dress

  1. Looooove this! Thanks for the info, gonna get one for me for this fall! You have such great taste!

    1. I am 5’2″ and the petite was very long on me. I would think that the standard size would be fine for someone that is 5’7″. Good luck!

      1. Thank you!! I actually was reading the reviews under the dress and someone left your blog website so I’m happy I went to it!

  2. Thanks for the blog post. I am excited about ordering this dress. I am 5’5″ and dont usually wear petite. Do you think the petite would be too short on me? I am a size 12-14 so am always concerned that the petite would be too tight on the arms.

  3. I have been contemplating this dress, but am concerned about the material shrinking (since it’s 100% rayon). How has this dress held up, and how do you wash it? I see it back online at Old Navy, and am thinking of ordering them!

  4. Hmm- I thought I just posted but it’s not showing… let me try again.

    I saw these dresses at Old Navy last year but was worried about the material (100% rayon) since it has a tendency to shrink. How has it held up, and how do you wash it?
    I see it back online this year, and am contemplating buying them!

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