Buying Spices and Wedding Gifts

Because I prefer to cook from scratch, I go through a lot of spices. When I first moved out on my own and started buying all the basics I felt like I was spending a small fortune on spices. Anyway, the tiny jar for $$$ seemed kind of ridiculous, especially the everyday spices like cinnamon and sea salt.

Side note: My Grandma Deuink did buy me a house-warming gift of spices to get me started which was so nice! Thank you, Grandma.

Long story short, one day I was browsing in the ethnic food aisle at my local Publix and discovered Badia spices. Badia offers all the same spices that are in the Flour/Sugar/Spices aisle but for much less. And the jars are SO much bigger! They also sell nuts and baking products at great prices too.

Common Sense note #1: Buying spices at a drug store like CVS is very inexpensive as well. For some strange reason drug store brand spices are very cheap, but I am not always pleased with the quality and the selection is very small so I stick with Badia.

Common Sense note #2: Spices make great wedding gifts, especially for brides that have never lived on their own. It’s a big expense to stock a kitchen for the first time, and brides are always so appreciative when I give that as a gift. I usually combine it with a nice bottle of olive oil.

Badia Cinnamon
Badia Bay Leaves
Badia Red Pepper

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