Making our wedding bands

Tomorrow, my fiance’ and I are making our wedding bands. And no, we are not making them out of hemp or anything:).

We are taking an all day class off of August Road in Greenville, SC. Melting down the gold, shaping it and doing all the stuff to it so it looks good. Love all my technical terminology?:)

My fiance’ is really excited about the class; I am just along for the ride, although I am sure we will make some great memories.

We both work at a materials laboratory as our day job which means that we deal with metal processing all day, every day. Of course I just handle all the paperwork, but Joe actually works with metal on a daily basis so the class is right up his alley.

Wish us luck!

Danielle Miller Jewelry Wedding Band Workshop

5 thoughts on “Making our wedding bands

  1. LOVE THIS!!! I just told Thomas that we should do that(he kinda looked at me like I was crazy)…we obviously already have rings…STILL!! This idea is great!

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