Wedding Planning- An Everything but the Kitchen Sink Post

This week as been busy on the wedding planning, home improvement, and work front.

I had planned to do individual posts on our hardwood floors, invitations, wedding announcements, making our wedding bands, engagement pictures, etc. And then life happened. So you are getting it all in one post.

Wedding Band Workshop

We made our wedding bands last Saturday. Joe, my fiance’, was able to melt down his birth father’s gold class ring (his birth father died at the age of 22 with a rare form of bone cancer) to use as his wedding band. It was a great experience. I highly recommend it! You can read all the details about the class in this post.

After much pressing, filing and polishing Joe’s ring is done!
Danielle notched my finished ring for me so it fit together nicely with my engagement ring.

I skipped several steps with my photos but the class ran from about 9am to 5:30pm. It was a lot of work but totally worth it!

Wedding Party Attire

Sorry, Holly. This is the only picture I had of us trying to shop for dresses:)

We finally got everyone’s clothes for the wedding. It only took me two months to figure it all out. It will be bright and colorful, and I love it!

Guest Book

My fiance’, Joe, is making the guest book for me. He is pretty artistic when it comes to this stuff. He is making it out of sheet metal. He started doing some small trials in order to achieve the right patina. I can’t wait to see the finished product.

Hardwood Floors

The hardwood floors got delivered this week! Yay. It was like Christmas in August. You can read the story behind these floors in this post.

1200 sq ft of hardwood. Joe has a lot to do:)
Prefinished solid oak floors- honey colored finish with “character”


I had given up on finding the random sized tablecloths I needed for the wedding. I had just decided to make them or rent them for $14 plus each. Eek! But on a whim yesterday I checked Craigslist just one more time….And I found a restaurant closing in Clemson, SC that was selling all their odd sized (the odd size I needed) for $3 dollars each. And most of the tablecloths were brand new. Yay. So tomorrow I am headed to Clemson to pick them up!

Wedding Invitations, Announcements, Programs and Thank You Notes

As of yesterday, I have all my “paper products” finished for the invitations, announcements, programs and thank you notes. Phew! It was a lot to get done.

Thanks to and Yellow Brick Graphics for the great products they made for me! You can read about my “free” save the dates here.

Engagement Pictures

We got our engagement pictures back this week, too. Love how they turned out. Photos by Mary McKittrick Campbell.

And this weekend we are cleaning out, making trips to Goodwill, and generally preparing Joe’s house for new floors. And I am so excited about it….weird I know.

Have a great Labor Day Weekend!

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