Bi-Polar Chihuahua and a Fiance’

Several of people have asked me how Poppi (the fierce Chihuahua) is going to transition into living life with other males, 3 males to be exact.

Well the night I adopted Poppi, we had a serious conversation ( I really had this conversation with my dog.)

I said, “If you can’t get along with Joe then you are going back to the Humane Society.”

He looked at me with loving eyes (and groggy eyes, I found out later he had his manhood removed immediately before I adopted him) and promised that he would be nice to Joe.

And sure enough he has kept his word. He pretty much won’t let any man near me, except for Joe.

These pictures pretty much sum up the relationship Joe, my fiance’ and Poppi, the fierce Chihuahua have with each other.

Poppi begs.

Joe feeds him.

They are friends.

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