Thrifty Gift Wrap

I am a firm believer that gift wrap makes the gift.

A little humble gift in great packaging is no longer humble.

Side note: In my opinion the only exception to this is an engagement ring. I didn’t care what shape or form that ring came in. :)

And sometimes the humblest of packaging, done in the right way is no longer humble.

Personally, I almost always have a roll of kraft paper and twine on hand. It’s fun to see how creative I can be.

And I come by it honestly.

When I was a little girl, I vividly remember my mom using kraft paper to wrap a baby gift. Then she carefully made a potato stamp.

She stamped little carrot shapes all over the package  (the nursery theme was of the anticipated baby was Beatrix Potter). And then tied the packaged together with a big twine bow. It was the simplest wrapping, but definitely the cutest gift at the shower (in my five year old mind anyway).

Example: Potato Stamps on White Computer Paper

Example: Kraft and Constructions Paper with a little twine.

Example: Cupcake Liner Flowers

Example: Burlap and Twine

Example: Clear Jewelry Bubble Pouch and Homemade Label

Example: Candy Bar, White Wrapping Paper and Craft Supplies

Example: Week Long Care Package Made of Evelopes via Martha Stewart

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