Easy Lined Curtain Panels

Look! I painted my nails to match the fabric….

I whipped up some curtain panels for the master bedroom this weekend while Joe worked on the floors.

I would love to eventually have someone make curtain panels for me, but until then this simple “pattern” will work.

Bear with me. You have to use your imagination to visualize these instructions.:)

Basically I made two giant pillow cases. I made the front side out of the fabric I wanted to show, and the backside as a coordinating fabric that also acted as a lining.

The reason that I left the bottom of the panels hemmed but “open” like a pillow case is because without all the big tables and equipment that professional seamstresses have, it’s almost impossible (for me anyway) to make perfectly straight and square panels. The opening allows the two pieces of fabric to hang separately, and not pull on each other. (This may only make sense if you have ever made curtains before but believe me it works.)

My plan worked great. I made the hem of the lining fabric about 1 1/2″ shorter than the front fabric so that hem of the lining would not show  at the base once the curtains are hung.

After I hemmed the two pieces of fabric, but before I sewed the front to the backs, I remeasured everything to confirm that the finished product (minus the 1/2″ seam allowances) would be 90″ in length.

Once I made my giant pillow cases, I trimmed all the seams and turned in right side out. Then I ironed the curtains, making sure to press the seams very well.

To give it a little stability, I made a 1/2 inch seam across the top of each panel where the rings would be attached.

Then I attached the rings to the top of each panel, and I was done.

The project took about three hours, including all the measuring and cutting time.

I can’t wait to get them hung, but first painting will need to be done.

The master bedroom is next weekends project. Decisions, decision…

Update: See the finished curtains in this post.


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