Retail Therapy- Kirkland’s

First of all, I need to give a disclaimer. Whenever I am decorating a space, I shop in numerous stores.

Mostly because if you shop at one store, then your house looks like a showroom for that said store.

And there are many stores that I don’t necessarily like the look that they promote, but buying unique pieces from that store and combining with other objects creates an interesting room with lots of cool things to look at.

Okay, moving on.

I ran into Kirkland’s yesterday looking for a specific item.

I didn’t find that item, but I spotted several cute things worth mentioning.

These garden stools and mirrors were the best deals I saw.

$59 for a large garden stool is a steal!

And super large mirrors for $39 (minus the bows and skulls, of course)

I also loved this retro inspired clock with timer. Super cute and unique.

The color did not come through very well in this photo but these glass trophy lamps were just gorgeous. Kind of the color of old blue mason jars and only $59 each!

I have a thing for unique boxes. I place them on bookshelves amongst the books to add interest.

And they are great to keep things out of sight that you don’t use very often.

These had glass tops so you can see what is them (if the label does not already give it away already:))

Both of these seasonal items were a great price. I am usually not big on decorating for seasons, but this wreath caught my eye.

And I have seen these fabric pumpkins all over the place this season, but these are a good deal!

Happy Shopping!

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