Chocolate Chip Scrambled Eggs and Babysitting

A coworker and I were discussing siblings this week, and I got to thinking about my parents, siblings and memories.

I am the oldest of 5 + 2 “adopted” children. There is a total of 6 ¾ years between my five biological siblings.

My mom was (is) a busy woman. To this day, I don’t know how she did it.

My dad works hard and plays hard. He owns his own business and is an avid hunter.

And SC has the second longest deer hunting season in the nation so a lot of his weekends were (are) spent hunting, preparing for hunting or cleaning up from hunting.

So growing up, we spent lots of weekends at home with my mom.

And when my dad took care of us by himself, he could usually last a few hours before he drove us over to Grandma’s house.

It’s just the honest truth. He is a great and generous man, but babysitting all five of his young children was not one of his strong points.

My dad is also a good cook. He prefers to make grilled meats and breakfast food. And he likes add chocolate chips to things he makes.

Things like chocolate chip peanut butter sandwiches.

But this is where the story gets interesting.

One particular weekend (during hunting season no less), my mom got the chance to attend a weekend women’s retreat in NC with our church.

My dad agreed to “babysit,” and my mom ran for the hills of North Carolina to escape her five children.

We survived Friday evening but on the Saturday morning of our weekend with dad, he decided he wanted to make scrambled eggs.

But on this occasion he had a slip in judgment.

Scrambled eggs with chocolate chips.

To this day, I can describe to you from my eight year old memory how chocolate chip scrambled eggs smell and what they taste like.

Disturbing is the only way to explain it.

It makes me gag a little bit to think about it.

Of course, Dad did not try them initially.

And we were raised in a family that “You eat what’s on your plate. No picky eaters allowed.”

So we tried to eat our eggs.  We tried really hard.

I may even remember someone crying.

Then Dad tried them.

 “Don’t eat these eggs. Go get in the car, we are going to Grandma’s house.”

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7 thoughts on “Chocolate Chip Scrambled Eggs and Babysitting

  1. Dads and big families…this story reminds me of when we were little and dad would make us hot dogs and scrambled eggs after he got off his third shift…he was in school and working full-time (I think mom was pregnant with Will or Christy). Thanks for sharing :)

  2. I can totally ‘see that’. What sweet memories to have with such a wonderful dad. You all were (are) indeed blessed.

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