Master Bedroom Makeover- Miracle Bed, Carpet Heaven and Bracket Accomplishments

First of all, forgive me for how long this post is going to be and for the lighting in the photos. When I started it was light….but when I finished it was very dark outside.

If you follow my blog you know that on top of getting married in 30 something days, we are knee deep in home improvement projects that are supposed to be finished before we get married (in a perfect world anyway).

As Joe finishes the hardwood floor in each room I am going behind him to clean, paint and get a tiny start on decorating.

I had fun this weekend painting and getting a good start on the master bedroom. There is still alot to be done. But it feels great to see how much we have accomplished in two weeks.

I made my curtains in this post.

And everything else I added to the room I was already using in my apartment or it has been in storage waiting for the right room.

And of course there is the “miracle bed.”

Joe and I were going to need a bed when we got married. He owned a very nice mattress set but had never gotten around to buying a bed.

I asked if he minded if I starting looking for one.

He said, ‘Sure but I have some stipulations.”

“I like sleigh beds.”

“I like mission style.”

“I like a low foot board.”

Stipulations? This is coming from one of the most laid back men I have ever met. I was starting to understand why he had never purchased a bed.

Have you ever seen a bed like that?

Me either.

But the first furniture consignment store I walked into…..there was the bed with all his requirements. $450. I offered $250. Sold.

Choosing paint colors
Behr Studio Taupe
Then I made my curtains

7 thoughts on “Master Bedroom Makeover- Miracle Bed, Carpet Heaven and Bracket Accomplishments

      1. I just saw your link — WOW!! What a transformation. You’ve got so much going on and you’re doing such an incredible job! Thank you for including the prints in your gorgeous bedroom and your post!

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