The time I was in VOGUE magazine…

I was not in Vogue for my fashion sense.

I have always liked fashion magazines.

I strive to look okay on a daily basis.

Okay does not = Vogue(ish) fashion sense.

Anyway, I randomly received a 3 year subscription to Vogue a few years back.

I would casually read it(who am i kidding? I just looked at the pictures).

But right after the Gov. Sanford scandal here in SC, Vogue interviewed Jenny Sanford about the whole situation.

The article was entitled Notes on a Scandal.

I read it.

And I was so taken back with her response(in a good way) that for the first time ever I “wrote to the editor” via email.

Two weeks later, I received an email from the editor’s assistant asking if I minded if they included my letter in their magazine.

My jaw dropped.

And then I responded that of course I didn’t mind if they used my letter. :)

Sure enough the next month there was my name in bold letters in Vogue Magazine December 2009.

It made my year, literally.

And I know there are lots of different opinions on the Sanford situation.

But you don’t have to agree with me.

It’s a free country, thankfully.

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