Home Improvement- More Before and During Pictures

Our wedding date is coming faster and faster. 15 days I think?? Yikes.

It’s going to be a race to the finish.

But I wanted to post a few pics of our progress so far.

Guest/Kid Bath- Before 

Guest/Kid Bath- During


Sunroom- Before

Sunroom- During



Hallway- Before

Hallway- During

 Living Room- Before

Living Room- During

As of last weekend, we unanimously decided to have professionals paint the living room, dining room and kitchen.

And not because I am tired of painting:)

There are some sheet rock issues that need to be addressed on the ceilings.

We will leave that to the professionals.

And last but not least the kitchen.

So much to do in here but we are making progress.

Kitchen- Before

 Kitchen- During

These pictures give me hope….

…That someday we will have a sofa in the living room again.

…That the stove won’t be in the dining room.

…That our evening won’t be filled with the sounds of a generator to power nail guns.

…And that some day I will be able to cook again.

You can read about my paint projects here and here.

And about our flooring project here.




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