I Heart Waste Management’s Bagster

So we are seeing the light at the end of the tunnel….hardwoodflooringwise (hey I made a new word).

Now we just have to get married next Saturday.

But the big project is almost over. (insert sarcastic tone)

Demolition of existing the flooring and then laying 1200 sq ft of hardwood flooring is a lot of work, especially when working a lot of overtime and planning a wedding all at the same time.

Joe said the other day that the nice thing about this project is that it will make all the other home improvement projects seem tiny in comparison:)

But this post is not about overworking ourselves. Its about home improvement  project garbage.

We had not such a great experience at the landfill a few months ago so we opted to use another option, drum roll please…….

What can I say? I love getting rid of stuff:)

Instead, we opted for the product called The Bagster. ($29.95 @ Home Depot, Lowes or Amazon)

I love love love this product.

We filled our 2nd and 3rd Bagsters this weekend.

I called to confirm that it was okay to put a sofa in the bag. They said, “Sure, as long as it fits in the bag.”

So we filled our bags with almost 1200 sq feet of old carpet, an old 7ft sofa, vinyl flooring, bathroom fixtures and lots of other odds and ends (even old shingles that the regular landfill won’t take).

I paid for the pick up over the phone.

Both bags will be conveniently picked up this week between Monday and Wednesday.

And I don’t even have to be there when the truck comes to pick up the bags.

I mean seriously, can it get any easier than that?

If you are planning a home improvement or clean out project, this is the product to use when you are ready to get rid of stuff.

Common Sense note: We also took several trips to Goodwill. Nothing went in the bags that was worthy of donating.

3 thoughts on “I Heart Waste Management’s Bagster

  1. Just noticed the link to this one today. We used a Bagster during our garage clean out (just for the lower floor). We loved it! The only problem we had was where I put the Bagster–I put it at the conjunction of our property with one of the neighbors’ yards (with their permission, of course). There’s a huge, dying oak across the street and between that and our needs-to-see-a-tree-surgeon maple, the pick up driver had to do some fancy maneuvering with his crane. But he was patient and got the job done.

    If the county doesn’t show with the 8 cu. yd. dumpster I ordered ($50 for a 5 day rental), I’ll head out to Home Depot to buy another Bagster. The upstairs of the garage needs clearing out, too.

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