Dollar Store, Craft Store, Thrift Store Christmas Centerpiece

Here is my viewpoint on Christmas decorations:

I don’t like to spend $ on them.

I would much rather spend money on things that I can use year round.

That said I whipped up a Christmas centerpiece this weekend with items I already had and a few things from the store.

Dollar Tree, Hobby Lobby and Goodwill.

Goodwill-vintage mirror, $3

Hobby Lobby- Anchor Hocking vase/candle holders, $4 on sale (I love these because they are so versatile)

Dollar Tree- over-sized jingle bells, $1 for 12

Mercury glass and other random candle holders and candles from around my house.

Greenery clippings from the Christmas tree we purchased on Sunday.


Now I just need some table linens with color and I will be set.

I may try to find some cheap plaid scarfs to use as runners…we will have to see.

Yay for thriftiness.

Common Sense Note: The key to making this centerpiece is to have one or two similar things throughout.

All the candle holders are glass.

And despite the bad lighting in my photos, all the candles are actually white. (not yellow as they appear)

Because of these two things the centerpiece looks unified but yet still eclectic which I love.

Now go get creative!



5 thoughts on “Dollar Store, Craft Store, Thrift Store Christmas Centerpiece

    1. Very amazing, I relaly like do it yourself projects. I have learned a huge amount by doing my own Do it yourself projects in the past, and also was able to save a ton of money too haha

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