Home Improvement- Guest Bedroom Progress




The 12 year old yucky white carpet’s last stand.

And I painted, and painted and painted.

You can read about my painting goals herehere and here.

I wanted to get a majority of the painting done before the carpet came up so I didn’t have to worry about getting paint on the new hardwood floors.

And then my (then) fiance and I pulled up 1200 sq ft of carpet and vinyl 7 weeks before our wedding.

Once the old flooring was removed, my fiance (with assistance from me and his sons) laid 1200 sq feet of new hardwood floors just in time for our wedding day.

You can read about our new hardwood floors here.



Once we got back from our honeymoon and I unpacked all my moving boxes, I had fun arranging my floral art collection and setting up the guest room.

This room is a combination of  my thrift store, outlet store, and consignment store finds, with my great-parents’ bed and a wedding gift quilt.

(Sorry these pictures are so dark. I could not seem to remember to photograph this room during the day)


My (mostly) antique floral art collection.
My great grandfather’s canon ball bed.

See my posts about the little green table from Lucketts that I painted “Pistachio” and the gold leaf lamp($3)  here and here.



 I still have lots to do in this room.

Like adding my yellow painted china cabinet/bookcase(from this post) that’s still in the garage.

And replacing the light fixture.

And completing the desk project.

And finding curtains that I like.



But….we are making progress.

And that’s the important part.

12/15/2012 Update: Here are some more current pictures of the room, including the completed desk project.






Guest Bedroom Progress

9 thoughts on “Home Improvement- Guest Bedroom Progress

  1. This looks great Rene! Do you happen to have a picture of the Blue Suede paint can lid, with the color formula? I painted a room about the same time you did and now need to touch something up, but I can’t find the end of the paint, and Blue Suede is now discontinued. :( I LOVE this color!! Thanks for any help you might be able to give!

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