Retail Therapy- home improvement style

Since my husband completed the hardwood flooring project two weeks ago… (phew!) we have decided that the old yucky cheap baseboard and shoe mould looks terrible against our pretty new floors.

So we (by we, I mean Joe:) are going to replace all the baseboard with a taller, more substantial board.

I think it will help set off those beautiful floors that Joe worked so hard on.

So we talked to my brother and dad about what we should get and where we should go to buy it.

My brother and dad are both in construction.

They both said Windows, Inc which is a local builder’s supply store in our area.

Common Sense Note: Use the resources around you.

If you have family or friends in the construction business don’t be afraid to ask for advice when you are working on your home.

Most people are flattered that you value their opinion.

I have a feeling that when we start our bathroom projects that my brother-in-law Jordan, the plumber, will be on our speed dial…Jordan, be prepared! :)

Back to the moulding:

I was skeptical because I had assumed that the “big box improvement store that prefers orange” would be the cheapest place to purchase what we needed.

But Joe and I went by Windows, Inc to get a quote anyway.

$0.51 per ft. was what they quoted us regardless of how much we needed.

That sounded pretty good to us. It would make the whole project come under $300 which made me happy.

Then later in the week Joe ran by “the improvement store that prefers orange” to price compare.

$1.71 per ft was the orange store’s price.

$1.71 for the EXACT same moulding.

Price breakdown-

Independent Store:$0.51 x 300 ft= $153

Big Box Store: $1.71 x 300 ft= $513

Buying local saved us $360.

It just proves once again that buying local really does “pay.”

Our new baseboard. Yay. (I know I am a dork for getting excited about this kind of thing)


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