Home Improvement- Our kitchen space problem.

First of all, I know there are far more pressing issues in the world than my kitchen space problems.

World hunger.



And this is a personal issue I have been dealing with lately.

Keeping everything in perspective.

Which is why in two weeks we are having 35 people over for a holiday party…

Even though our house is nowhere near being ready for guests.

But it will be good for me.

Life is not perfect, and trying to appear like I have it altogether all the time is exhausting.

So we are having a party even in our imperfection.

And it will be fun.

And there will be good food.

Moving to the issue of this post.

We had a counter space problem because of a land hog microwave.

Kitchen cabinet drawer space problem.

A non-functional kitchen exhaust hood problem.

And a lighting problem over the cooktop.


A built in microwave, with exhaust hood and light built in.

$177 on sale at Lowes.


The new hood I had considered buying was over $200.

So we saved some money and solved our space problem in one shot.

Kill two birds with one stone.

Light two candles with one flame.

Brighten two hearts with one smile.

Make two wishes upon one star.

You get the picture.:)

Speaking of pictures.

Here is our kitchen in progress…




pic 2

See the weird opening above the cooktop?…the hood that was installed there was WAY too small for the space.



pic 5




Joe surprised me on Friday by doing most of the installation while I was at work.

I gave the exhaust hood a workout this weekend while making quesadillas. Oops. But wow did it work well.

Yay for home improvement progress.

Installing cabinet hardware and painting (walls and cabinets) are our next major projects.

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