Unique Inexpensive Christmas Gifts

Thoughts in Vinyl

This suggestion is for your crafty (or wanna-be crafty) friends.

Do yourself a favor and skip it for the non-DIY folks on your list.

This website provides the inspiration and the means to craft it…you just put it all together with your own unique twist.

Crafting kits starting at $.68. Most kits are under $15. Free shipping on orders over $60.

I think this would make an awesome teacher gift (ditch those coffee mug gifts….a teacher only needs so many coffee mugs).




Naptime Diaries

I absolutely love their high quality prints.

I just ordered some more for our new home.

The prints are reasonably priced, and Naptime Diaries is running some good sales this month (free shipping today!)

And you are supporting church planters in Columbia, SC.

Paired with an 8×10 frame this also would make a great teacher gift.

Or for anyone who loves scripture or needs encouragement.



Inexpensive(about $10), but interesting jewelry.

There were so many items in her collection that I loved.


The Lower Lights,

A collection of hymns and church music.

This group’s sound is mesmerizing.

I love it.

And the hymns remind me of my childhood.

My mom grew up in a church in south GA.

And when my siblings and I were young she would play all the old hymns she enjoyed as a child.

And their Christmas music is great too!

You can purchase downloads or simply order the album(I feel so outdated typing “album”)


I read about the Lower Lights on my friend Chané’s blog, whatthehartlikes.com. Check out her etsy store for lots of cute personalized gifts.


Old Money Corp.

I love love love this jewelry.

I love that it has age with a modern twist.

I love that it is made in my (sorta)little southern town.

I own two pairs of their earrings, and I wear them constantly.

Prices range from about $25 to $150.

The next item I want is a bracelet. Hmmm…. Santa I hope you are reading this.




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