Easy Dinners: Cheese Pizza with Leftovers

pizza collage

I got married five weeks ago.

And now I have a new husband and two step sons.

I am just starting to get into the groove of grocery shopping for two people during the week.

And then being ready with food for two teenage boys every weekend.

But yet still be flexible for eating out and random activities.

I don’t like being flexible.

My plans are law.

Not really, but sorta.

But slowly I am learning to not plan.

Or at least to make my plan bendable:)

Getting to the point of this post.

I have started stocking frozen cheese pizzas.

And then I add leftover meats and veggies.

In the pizza above I added leftover tomatoes, mushrooms and some pesto.

It makes a quick easy meal (and it looks homemade:).

And it may be the ultimate in lazy dinners.:)

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