Home Improvement: Quick Bookcase Update

I have been toying with the idea of papering or painting the back of the bookcase from this post.

The bookcase was dark and the wall paint was dark.

The corner of that room just looked like a black hole.

But then…

I was flipping through Young House Love’s new book (which is awesome BTW).

And I came across a simple project they completed on a bookcase.

Totally changed the look and feel of their furniture piece.

And I had a bookcase that I needed totally updated.

Like totally.

Anyway, their idea was so simple.

Why had I not thought of this?

They created panels made of foam board and fabric (or wrapping paper) that fit into the back of their book case shelves.

And because the panels are cut to the exact size they don’t even have to be attached to the bookcase.

They just sit there looking all cute and no one knows the difference.

So I put Young House Love’s plan to the test.

It was so easy.

Too easy.

Too easy in a good way.

We completed the project in less than an hour.

And the difference is amazing.

Here goes:





5 6






Tada! Love it.

Thanks, Young House Love!!!

Project total:

3 pieces of foam board- $3

2.5 yards fabric- $10


(and no furniture was permanently altered!)

And we had the Gorilla tape on hand which I HIGHLY recommend. That stuff is amazing.

If you want to see the rest of this bedroom project go here. 


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