Home Improvement: Inexpensive Wall Art Tutorial (no artistic skills required)

I am very picky in my taste for wall art.

I like unique items.

Typically vintage.

It just adds so much character to a home.

But sometimes time and/or finances don’t allow me to purchase what I like.

Recently, I improvised in my kitchen/dining room area.

I have blogged about them before, but I just love Naptime Diaries prints.

We purchased four of these large frames from Target($80) and four prints from Naptime Diaries($40).

Threshold Frame: 19.99


I hung them in my dining room.

They are fresh and cheery.

And make me smile.

You can easily do the same thing (for even less $$).

Here is how:

Walmart sells these frames.

I have used them before for children’s art in projects for my clients.

They are heavy duty inexpensive floating frames.

You get two for $19.99. Two 11×14 frames for $20 bucks is a steal!

Set of 2 ($19.99)

Then frame any print you want.

The key to making your “art” look like a million bucks is the framing.

I like to buy substantial frames with large mats or large floating frames.

It really sets off the art (and makes it look more expensive).

Here is an example:

matless collage

Ho hum.

mat Collage

Much better. See the difference?

The mat really sets it off.

Here are some great prints available online.


theletteredcottage.net has some great original photo prints, very reasonably priced!

($12-16 for 8×10)

I am actually thinking about using these in the man cave in our house when I (finally) decorate it.

Please go check out their photos!

And don’t forget about art shows or local artists.

Or just framing a child’s artwork in their playroom.

Dried foliage or flowers.

There are endless possibilities.

Just buy the right frame!

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