Quickie Christmas Tablescape with Target Sweater Trees

I ran into Target last night for some retail therapy.

I came across a bunch of Christmas decorations already 50% off.

As I stated in my last holiday decorating post I do not like to spend money on decorations.

But these cute little sweater trees were calling my name.

$6.99 plus 50% off.

Seemed reasonable to me.

So I bought two.

I came home and scrounged around for other items to put with it.

Lo and Behold.

I had a Christmas tablescape complete.

  • Sea glass- clearance at Pottery Barn last Christmas, $4.19
  • Wood Vase Fillers- $7.99 TJMaxx
  • Glass votives- left over from my wedding.
  • Ceramic Tree Candelabras- clearance at TJMaxx several years ago($7 each I think)
  • Copper Candles- $3.99 TJMaxx
  • Linen Runner- Pottery Barn Outlet Clearance, $9
  • Silver Bowl- $12 Pier1, two years ago I think

Common Sense Note: If you like these trees but your Target is out of stock, just make cones out of poster-board.

Cut -up an old sweater in the same shape as the cone and use some Elmers glue to attach the sweater to the cone.

Viola. DIY Sweater Trees.







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