Things I have learned from blogging for one year….

In the spring of this year, I started blogging knowing nothing about blogging.

I am not big computer person, and definitely not a hi-tech person.

I don’t even own a smart phone.

I literally Googled “blogging websites” to get started.

I decided to use as my hosting site because I liked the name better than the others listed in my search engine results (super scientific method of choosing).

Purchased the domain name, 

And my blog was born.

I have learned a lot, but I have so much more to learn!

Here is my list of random blogging facts:

#1. Unexpectantly, blogging has become like a friend. When I have not blogged in a few days, I start to miss it.

#2. Family members now say to me all the time, “Now that’s a good thing to blog about, put it in a post” in random conversation which always cracks me up (but then again, I crack up all the time).

This actually just happened at Christmas Eve dinner. There was a discussion about my family and Duck Dynasty….and the similarities…My sweet Aunt Julie said, “Now that’s a blog post.” :)

#3. I am still shocked at how many people read my humble blog. The fact that they find me humorous is humorous to me.

#4. I am a terrible photographer.

#5. I need to take a photography class (more like many classes).

#6. I dream about writing blog posts. In my unconscious state they seem like amazing ideas….not so much once I am conscious.

#7. Usually the blog posts that I think are the most uninteresting are the ones that get the most positive feedback.

#8. I never realized how important befriending other bloggers is in making my blog a success.

#9. No matter how much I try, I am just not a crafty person.

#10. I found that I like DIY home projects much better than crafts!

#11. I am so grateful for all my readers!

#12. And I am so looking forward to this year.

Bathroom renovations, new exterior porches and landscaping, and hopefully a bead-board back-splash  in the kitchen to name a few.

Happy New Year!

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