Bailee’s Nursery with Leftover Wedding Supplies



My baby sister, Nancee Lee, got married back in August. (See pictures here and here)

Three months before I did.

It’s been the year of the wedding.

Boy, are we glad there are no more family weddings for a while!

Anyway, in keeping with the clean- up and clean-out  theme I have going this week I thought I would share what my sisters both did in my niece’s nursery over the weekend.

They used leftover lanterns from Nancee Lee’s wedding that they cleaned out of the “wedding closet” at my parents’ home because my mom is in a clean out mood too.

They still have more accessorizing to do with the bedding, but I thought it was so cute I just needed to share.


Here is what they used:

Martha Stewart Weddings: Eyelet Lanterns in Blue ($7-13)


Ikea Iron Bed: Tromsnes Daybed ($149, no longer available)


Plus, thumbtacks and twine from Dollar Tree for the “installation” of the lanterns.

Tada! So cute and so cheap!





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