Home Improvement: Wallpaper Removal of the Great Wall

The builder who is responsible for building our house 12 years ago was insane.

There are so many oddities.

If you are not careful while doing laundry you can easily fall down the basement stairs because the laundry area  is in the stairwell.

And the stairwell was not built within code requiring careful steps down so you don’t break your neck.

The front porch was not given the proper foundation and is slowly sinking.

I am not complaining by any means.

I knew all of these things when I moved in, and I like a challenge.

Eventually we will be addressing most of these problems, but I decided to tackle one of the easier issues last weekend.

Yes, instead of ringing in the new year at a party, I was covered in wallpaper paste.

But I am not a party girl anyway.

Back to the oddities.

In the whole house there was only one wallpapered wall.

One sixteen foot tall wall (hey that rhymes) of white textured wallpaper that had seen better days.

I thought it was strange.

And regardless it needed to go.

I rented a professional wallpaper steamer from SunBelt and got to work.

It worked like a charm.

I have removed wallpaper before and by far professional steaming was the easiest method I have used.


1/3 of the way through the removal process my step-sons had pity on me (and my short stature) and finished the whole project with their dad.

While they toiled away, I made a run for Frostys because I always treat my worker bees well. :)


As we removed the paper we discovered yet another oddity under the existing wallpaper oddity.

A big long crack in the sheet rock, like eight feet long.

Wallpapering the whole wall to cover the crack was easier that just fixing the crack with sheet rock mud??

Who knows?

But we got it all removed.



Now I just need to pick a paint color so the living room and dining room can be painted….

I am actually thinking about going with a studio white, but I will probably change my mind.

Six more times.

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