Monday Randomness: My 2013 Calendar

I have been following Barb Blair’s blog Knack  for several years.

I just love her work and her passion for life.

Recently she did a little write up on her sister and daughter who share a birthday.

In the post she also featured her sister’s work that is sold on her store, Cranny.

To be perfectly honest, I have drooled over some of the items in her Etsy store for a while now, but Barb’s blog post was just the push I needed to order something.

Both of these women seem beautiful inside and out, and I just wanted to be a part of that beauty.

I ordered the 2013 Calendar at a Glance.

It came in the mail last week.

I was just giddy when I opened the shipping box.

It was just as great as I had hoped.

Thanks Sarah and Barb for all the inspiration for my work and play.


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