Home Improvement: Kitchen/Dining Room Progress and a Chandelier

We have come a long way since October 2012.

#1 We got married Nov 3 which was a huge accomplishment in itself.

Kitchen and Dining Room:

No more yucky old carpet.

No more “seen better days” vinyl kitchen floors.

Brand new real hardwood floors have been laid, 1200 sq feet to be exact. (read that post here and here)

Cleaned cabinets.

Cleaned walls.

Temporary curtains are up.

A new built in microwave was installed. (read that post here)

Dining room chairs are reupholstered.(read that post here)

A new dining room rug was purchased.(read that post here)

Inexpensive art for the walls was purchased. (read that post here)

And we even hosted a Christmas party. (read that post here)




And now it’s time to work on replacing the light fixture over the dining room table.

No offense to anyone who has a fan over their table, but the thought of dust falling off the fan blades and into my food completely grosses me out.


Completed new floors, fresh chairs and rug. I LOVE progress.


But now comes the hard part (for me, anyway): picking out a light fixture.

I have whittled it down to these four.

What do you think?

chandelier collage

Murray Feiss Adan Chandelier

West Elm Turning Pendant

West Elm Staggered Chandelier

Ballard Design Cosette 6 Light Chandelier

14 thoughts on “Home Improvement: Kitchen/Dining Room Progress and a Chandelier

  1. You have dust on your fan blades–oh my!! Just kidding. Your light choices are all great but I vote for Ballard Designs–maybe it’s my age!

  2. The cheapest one is actually my favorite. How does that happen??? I never like the cheapest thing. Of course, if it was me looking for a chandelier, it woudn’t turn out that way. :-)

  3. West Elm all the way! Seeing progress feels good. My husband and I were just laughing over pictures we took when we first moved in (we bought a foreclosure).

  4. You’ve done a great job making so many updates in your house! We are looking to remove our linoleum and replace with wood or laminate wood. I really like how yours turned out. Would you mind sharing what brand/ product you chose? We also have light maple cupboards that are staying for now, so I’m concerned about how to match the right color.

    1. Hi Amy Joe. We used 3/4 in pre finished solid hardwood by American Products. The nice thing about the solid pre finished it it can be refinished someday if we need too. We priced flooring all over but for the price AP had the best options. $ 2.74 sq ft vs Home Depot @ 5.75 sq ft. We also used the character grade which means there are knots and lots of color differences. I would never recommend matching flooring to cabinets. Just stay in the same color family. We just choose a natural clear stain. ampro-online.com

      1. Thanks so much for the flooring information and the manual name correction. LOL. You’re the best!

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