Home Improvement: My Pottery Barn Pendant Look-a-like and a Cheap Chic Challenge

I am so excited to share this project with you.

It all started with a post I did a couple weeks ago.

I wrote about the lighting options I had selected for our dining room.

The overall vote via the comments section and Facebook was the West Elm pendant.

chandelier collage

And it happened to be my husband and I’s favorite as well.

So I started doing some research to find the best price, etc.

While we still love the West Elm pendant, I found two problems:

#1. It only held one 60 watt bulb.

I guess we could eat dinner in the dark every night.

No one would know if I had burnt the meal or not.

#2. It only had a nylon cord.

And I refuse to use those cord covers that look like over-sized scrunchies.

Makes me think of big bangs and side pony tails.

I don’t want to think about side pony tails while I am eating.

No offense if you have the said scrunchie on your light fixture.

Personal preference only.

Anyway, we decided to stick with the drum shade style, but to look for a better option.

So I looked, and looked, and looked.

Finally, I came across Pottery Barn Drum Shade Pendant.

It fit all our criteria and definitely gave off more light (200W). Guess I can’t burn dinner now.

But…..it was $250 with shipping.

There were several listed on ebay, but they were still about $200 once you added in the shipping.

And for some reason, I had challenged myself to come in under $100 for this project.

I love a good cheap chic challenge.

So I looked, and looked a little more.

And all of a sudden I had a inspired moment.

A drum shade pendant is simply a light bulb on a cord with a huge drum shade.

We can totally make that.

Then I searched.

And good ol’ ebay came though.


Several sellers had just the Pottery Barn Drum Pendant hardware kits up for sale.


$55 with free shipping.

Then I search Pottery Barn for the replacement shades…..just the shade was $150 with shipping!

So I found the measurements of the Pottery Barn shade.

And did some more researching.


World Market came through for me.

They carry HUGE lamp shades for $29.99!

So many options.

Thankfully, I had studied the Pottery Barn shade that was listed online to make sure I knew what kind of fitter was needed to attach it to the light kit.



This HUGE blue burlap shade fit the bill.



I will keep you all updated on our progress.

My drum pendant total so far: $87.75

Yay for cheap chic.



Update: I am posting the finished product on 1/29/2013.  

Here is the link to the finished product.

Featured on Not Just a Housewife

7 thoughts on “Home Improvement: My Pottery Barn Pendant Look-a-like and a Cheap Chic Challenge

  1. I came here (from Layla’s) to see my new lamp and you’re making me wait until tomorrow?!! :-D Can’t wait…I’ll be back!

  2. Great blog! I am also working on a drum shade project. My shade has a similar fitter to the one you referenced in the picture of the World Market red drum shade; the one you said would NOT work with the PB kit. I am so thankful I happened upon your blog, otherwise I probably would have purchased the PB kit only to be disappointed. I am having a hard time locating kits that don’t already have the canopy installed, which is what I need (I think?!?) for my shade. In your research, did you find anything that may be suitable for that type of fitter? I am hesitant to purchase a different fitter because the drum shade is gorgeously large and I’m afraid standard fitters won’t fit (lol!). Any insight you can offer is greatly appreciated.

    1. Hi Jenn,
      The biggest problem I found with most of the kits was that they were not wired for hard wiring, just a electrical plug with a cord (which I think looks tacky). I didn’t not find any other kits that I thought would work (and that I liked the quality). If you are pretty good at DIY and creative I bet you could get it to work somehow with the pottery barn kit. If you can take a picture of the shade and send it to my email address listed on the right side of the blog I will see if I can come up with any helpful suggestions. Good luck.

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