Home Improvement: A Pottery Barn Drum Pendant Look-a-Like and a Patient Husband

First of all I have to say that my Chihuahua, Poppi, insisted on sitting in my lap while I wrote this post.

So if there are lots of typos it’s because the dog ate my homework.

Or the dog sat on my homework…you get the picture.

Anyway, we finally installed our Pottery Barn Drum Pendant Look-a-Like this weekend.


A pendant kit (found on ebay), a floor lamp shade from Cost Plus World Market and two washers were all the hardware we needed for the whole DIY fixture. You can read about how to find the kit and the lamp shade in this post that I wrote regarding the hunt for the right pieces.

Super super easy and inexpensive.

It was so easy that describing the process to you is a little silly.

#1 Opening shipping box.

#2 Remove kit.

#3 Slide a washer down the electrical wire on the kit.

#4 Slide the shade on top of the washer.

#5 Slide another washer on top of the shade.

#6 Screw the kit together.

#7 Install in the ceiling.

The end.

And I am so pleased with the results.

Here is the process in pictures:

Kitchen Fixture 1

Removing the old yucky fan.

Kitchen Fixture 3

Measuring to determine what the length of the chain and cord on the new fixture should be.

Kitchen Fixture 5

Because they were so cheap and we didn’t want to have to return to the store if we bought the wrong size (we are a lazy people), we bought two sizes of washers because we weren’t sure exactly which would fit well. 2″ washer with a 3/8″ hole was perfect, but other sizes could have worked.

Kitchen Fixture 6

Kitchen Fixture 4

Kitchen Fixture 9

The new light fixture went up as fast as the old one came down. Super easy installation (so I am told).

I love how it turned out.


And I think the style goes well with my grandparent’s 1950’s table and (freshly upholstered)chairs that were gifted to me.


But if you give a mouse a cookie….

Once the fixture was hung I realized that the table needed to be centered under the light.


Then the rug needed to be moved.

Which meant the china cabinet needed to move to the sun room.


Which meant the bookcase needed to be moved back into the kitchen and the my blue painted chest needed to be moved under our stained glass windows.


 But through it all my husband and step sons were so patient. Thanks guys.

Like a Like Pendant Collage

How do you like my new fixture?

Featured on Not Just a Housewife


12 thoughts on “Home Improvement: A Pottery Barn Drum Pendant Look-a-Like and a Patient Husband

  1. I, too am thinking about doing this project. Just curious, did you put in a piece to diffuse the light and so you do not see the light bulbs (from the table looking up at light?)

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