Recipe Reviews: Home Made Pad Thai


I shared in my retail therapy post last week that I was going to attempt to make Pad Thai.

Well I attempted it.

My attempt was eatable.

But my rice noodles never soften even after soaking them for an hour.

So I ended up using whole wheat angel hair pasta.

As we ate I felt like we were eating Italian with chop sticks. Weird phenomena.

But don’t loose hope.

A Facebook friend heard my cry for Pad Thai recipes and has offered up a few.

So that means there will be yet another Pad Thai recipe post in my future.

My only consolation was that my attempt at this recipe did not end up like my peach bread mayhem.

Pad Thai

3 thoughts on “Recipe Reviews: Home Made Pad Thai

  1. Love your site! I believe it is officially my new favorite. And you are just adorable! I look forward to many more good reads, recipes, and ideas.

  2. Dear Rene,
    I am Marisa from deSIAM, and thank you very much for using our products, and write your comment. So, we learnt. I am very sorry to hear about the noodle as generally it is fine and I just cooked it during the Fancy Food Show in San Francisco. My tips is that I normally use hot water because the water temperature in USA during winter time is lower than Bangkok’s water.
    However your comment is very helpful and we will continue improving to create better products to meet your satisfaction.

    In case you have any inquiry or uncertainty, please feel free to contact me any time.

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